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My name is Angelica Hernandez. I am 42 years old (WOW! 42 already, how time flies…).
I have been always fascinated with the beauty and wellness industry.

At the age of 28 I achieved one of my goals when I have received my professional license as a cosmetologist. But life took me in a different direction. I started working in the manufacturing industry where I learned how big companies operate. I even learned how to flex my muscles and operate a forklift.

I didn’t want to stop there and continued expanding my horizons and got involved in the nutritional supplement industry. The more I learned about the nutrition industry, the bigger my dreams became. I had to know everything!  I didn’t just read about the product,  I was involved in mixing the product, packaging the product, and even loaded the product onto the trailer.

After a lifetime of beauty and wellness and 8 years of being involved in the supplement industry, my dream came true!  Hola Essentials came to life.

Remember, A Healthy Outside starts from the Inside!